Flake – Vocals

David Grosser – Synths, Electro

Markus Stark – Drums

Megaboy was formed in 2018 after what was meant to be a one-time collaborative performance of live electronic music. With their rhythmic, dance-oriented, mixture of composed songs and improvisation the chemistry was apparent, and the project has since evolved. Having already performed to large local crowds, they are now looking to take their show on the road and perform to an even wider audience.

An integral feature of the band is its uncommon mixture of musical elements, starting with the band members themselves: Drummer Markus has a long history of playing in numerous bands on a variety of instruments, Australian-born Flake is a vocal artist who sings, raps and wears eclectic fashion, David loves electronic instruments and has a passion for all things synth-related. Musicianship aside, Megaboy’s songs explore a variety of themes: social, political, and sometimes just plain absurd. One minute they’ll be making a profound idealistic statement, the next, a lighthearted quip about the joy of picking wild berries.